Buy Better with Competitive Pricing

With the increase in the cost of living, people think about their purchases more today than ever before. Providing competitive pricing allows a cost-conscious customer to be able to make their purchases without hurting their wallets. Customers like to feel confident knowing they are receiving a fair and accurate price. Our product team uses the collective group's volume and buying power to negotiate the supplier programs.

Direct Access to Exclusive Suppliers

Auto Pride members have access to all of the aftermarket's leading manufacturers and brands in order to meet or exceed customer demands. Members also have access to traditionally hard-to-source import suppliers and lines.

Discounts and Extended Payment Terms

Extended payment terms allow Auto Pride members to buy products and get them sold before the purchase invoice is due. These extended payment terms along with cash discounts lowers total cost, increases margins, and improves cash flow in day-to-day operations.

Retain Customers

When customers are treated fairly, considered important, given assistance, and have purchase options in stock, they are more likely to be repeat customers. Having the right part in the right place at the right time means your customer does not leave disappointed.

Unique Customer Opportunities

Auto Pride members have access to 25+ national account customers, large retail chains, and eCommerce customers. These selling opportunities and more are available to qualifying Auto Pride members.

Maintain Your Independence

Auto Pride members can maintain their independence by establishing direct accounts/relationships with suppliers without the need to rely on a larger distributor in their market. With no membership compliance restrictions, you can choose any brand or product and operate your company the way you want.

Personal Support

Good customer service is important allowing you to focus on running your company rather than being bogged down with mundane or time-consuming issues. Having a single point of contact eliminates the confusion of determining who to call when problems arise and gives confidence that issues are understood and addressed.

Access to Multiple Suppliers From One Source

The Network Products Warehouse stocks brands from multiple suppliers that can be combined to meet freight requirements. This mix-and-match approach offers members the ability to buy product that would not normally be cost effective. In addition, there is only one accounts payable to manage.

Monthly Rebate Checks

To help offset the cost of goods, Auto Pride processes rebates and issues checks every month to all members.

Mission Statement

Auto Pride provides independent auto parts distributors with the best pricing available from reputable suppliers to stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive aftermarket.

Vision Statement

Auto Pride strives to improve our portfolio with service offering enhancements, adding new programs, renegotiating existing agreements, and increasing buying power through gains in total purchase volume with membership expansion.

Auto Service Experts (ASE)

The Auto Service Experts program is designed to grow profits and retention rates. Year over year the Auto Service Experts locations show an increase of 2.5% higher than shops that are not affiliated with the program.

The more components of the program relies on you to provide them, the harder it is to switch their business to a competitor. In a consolidating market, warehouse distributors need to differentiate themselves from other competitors in their market. This program does that for them.

Auto Service Experts Program

Auto Pride Testimonials

PDQ Auto Supply

"Auto Pride buying programs are what the independent Jobber needs to succeed!"

- Al Pankowski

RC Holloway

"Auto Pride has been a key component to our success as an auto parts distributor. We have been in business since 1948 and a member of Auto Pride for over 10 years. They have obtained the most rebates as possible and make sure we are paid in a timely manner. The products Auto Pride keeps in their network warehouse allows us to have access to different product lines from one source. This is advantageous because there is no freight charge and they keep the pricing competitive. Auto Pride negotiates terms with manufacturers that we buy direct from and are able to acquire contracts with terms that we otherwise would not have access to. Auto Pride has exceeded our expectations by providing resources and a strong working relationship. The Auto Pride team provides mutual dependence and understanding by recognizing the industry needs. They are the important contributor to the successes of Auto Pride."

- Ronald C. Holloway Jr.

Dixie Auto Parts

"In our 57 years of business, no single decision has been more important to Dixie Auto Parts than our association with Auto Pride. From the staff to the programs, Auto Pride has been there for us to provide all the necessary tools for our success. We have experienced an overall growth of 10% for each of the last 4 years and that would not be possible without the help of Auto Pride and their fabulous support team. I encourage anyone who is interested to reach out to Auto Pride and find out more on how they can help your business achieve their goals."

- Geoffrey Mcalhaney

Shaheen Parts Warehouse

"Auto Pride keeps us connected with the Vendors, Sales Reps, and other Auto pride members to keep our business going."

- Jeff Halfmann

Best Source Parts

"With the Network's help we have been able to buy direct from suppliers that we would not been able to get approved to buy direct without them, and the member shows have proven to be very successful for us, well worth the time and expense of attending."

- John Tymec

"Auto Pride membership has given us the opportunity to buy direct from manufacturers we wouldn't normally be able to, with very competitive pricing and service"

Manasek Auto Parts

"New suppliers, new computer system, new affiliation with The Network has helped us to grow significantly in our market! We continue to be surprised with all of the support and programs offered by The Network!"

- Dave Manasek

New Glen Automotive

"We are very comfortable with ADN Auto pride because they are a very strong group. We always have everything we need from them. Their service is second to none. They are helpful in negotiating deals for us, assisting in acquiring representation from manufacturers, our pricing is always very competitive, etc. Most of all, they have a very special person running things for us who is our "go to person" in all and any problems that arise. Her name is Cora Roark. We have been in this business for 40 years and have yet to come across someone who is more dedicated, helpful and willing to go to all limits to help her constituents. Pleasure to do business with."

- Vin Lasorsa

Greyline Auto Parts

"We are pleased to be a member of the Auto Pride family. Whether it is settling a pricing issue, finding a new source to purchase from, or resolving a problem with an existing supplier, Auto Pride has never let us down. We rely on them with confidence in all auto industry aspects. They negotiate terms, offer purchasing, and keep us up to date on the latest changes in cost, etc.... We are fortunate to have such a mainstream power player on our side, working for us behind the scenes!"

- Melissa Mills

South Shore Auto Parts

"There are a lot of advantages to being part of Auto Pride and with that, my membership has been very beneficial to my businesses. They have provided a way for me to buy at a better discount and with better payment terms. I have access to more suppliers with numerous promotions available. They are always on top of current pricing and they have a great tools and equipment program. They have helped my back office and national accounts and loyalty program . Their staff is very accommodating and very professional."

- Louis Cretella

E&Y Distributors

"Joining Auto Pride turned out to be a home run for us. In addition to getting better pricing, terms, and rebates with vendors, we get a sense of security that we never had before. Having Cora and the rest of the Auto Pride staff supporting us with vendor negotiations has been more advantageous than words can describe. Auto Pride works hard to help us succeed and is genuinely on our team."

- Felix Agayev

Future Automotive Warehouse

"I was interested in joining Auto Pride many years ago for a relationship and discount on a specific product line. Since then, I have enjoyed pricing, rebates, and support that easily justify the annual dues. Having inside people like Cora that I can call when I have a problem or question about a vendor or product line is priceless! I would feel lost in this snake pit if it was not for Auto Pride and their Team."

- Rob Hillerich


"Newbegin Enterprises, Inc. (NEI) is a defense contractor that provides ground vehicle support to the US military around the world. NEI has been an A.D.N member for almost a year. The membership has benefited NEI tremendously. The Network helped NEI set up direct accounts with major manufacturers who previously were non-responsive to our requests. The direct accounts lowered cost significantly, which enabled NEI increase sales and expand our market. The agreements between the Network and the manufacturers minimize cost fluctuation and allow NEI to prepare for the cost increase due to tariffs.

The Network educates us with information from inside the industry on a daily basis which enables us to better track industry trends.

The Network provided, manufacturer catalogs are packed with valuable product information such as pricing, supersessions, and obsolescence.

Overall, the membership has great benefits and is well worth the investment."

- Ralph Cui

Parts Pro Automotive Warehouse

"We joined Automotive Distribution Network as an Auto Pride member in April 2018. Although it has been a relatively short period of time, it has already made a tremendous positive impact on our business! We couldn't be happier with the level of attention and service provided to us. Everyone in the A.D.N. organization has been very helpful.

Upon joining we were overwhelmed with all the available programs and services available to us, and to our customers. One critical piece of any automotive business is a good online catalog. Their Webshop online catalog is second to none. It is fully customizable to suit your situation and business needs. And of course, you need suppliers. The list of suppliers covers just about everything you will ever need. And it is not just a list of suppliers. With their tremendous buying power, they have already negotiated the best deals possible. Many include extended terms, rebates, and other great incentives. And if there is ever any issue, they are there to help. Also, having the Network Products Warehouse is a great benefit. There you can consolidate many different lines that would otherwise have to be purchased individually. The freight minimum is very reasonable. And the great thing is they don't put a big markup on what they distribute. They are there to support the members, not profit from them.

This only scratches the surface of what they have to offer. The best thing I could recommend is that you check them out for yourselves. They have a lot to offer that can benefit your business. We have already enjoyed much improved pricing and freight terms from a lot of the vendors we were already using, in addition to a lot more in rebates. And getting better payment terms has also been a big help. We now also have a much broader product offering available to us from a hugely expanded list of suppliers. And we are benefiting from many other programs that we have implemented. And all of this for one modest yearly fee!"

- John Laird