Business Intelligence and Demand Forecasting System

Custom data warehouse providing business intelligence solutions to connected members.

Members submit automated nightly sales/inventory feeds to Epicor.

Inventory on hand is captured daily.

Enrolled distributors have access to their data in addition to aggregate data for all participants to the Epicor Vista Data Pool.

Where possible, this includes application and part type for which items are sold along with the brand and part number.

Vehicle registration by zip code with vehicle application information from Polk® is added and updated quarterly.

With all this information we are able to provide:

Demand Forecast based inventory recommendations

Reports include number of vehicles registered in a location's marketing area that the items fit
Actual demand for the location and aggregate demand from the data pool
Uses brand ambivalent demand from the data pool presented using the brand and part number the member stocks

Robust Business Intelligence Solutions

Category Management Reports and Dashboards
Customer Analysis Reports and Dashboards
Mobile Applications with robust customer analytics

Automated national account billing, online promotions management and rebate filing

Local line codes are mapped to standard manufacturer codes and local customers tagged with national account customer codes and promotional customer type codes.
NetIntell sends invoices with correct account codes and central billing vendor codes to the Central Billing system. This substantially reducing the effort for processing billing files for our members and increasing the accuracy for our customers.
Transactions supporting online promotions are automatically captured to support the web-site customer interface and for reporting to suppliers for recovery. Reporting for rebates from suppliers related to sales, not purchases, such as National Account rebates, are automated.