Connects Members to Wholesale (B2B) and Retail (B2C) Customers

WebShop B2B

With real-time, self-serve online ordering capabilities, WebShop increases wholesale parts sales, reduces order errors, and minimizes processing costs.

One time integration with the distributor's management system.

Wholesale accounts log into to their account using a secure website to check stock, view cost, and order parts.

Service Dealer credits accounts and secure credit card payments are available.

All pricing and inventory is accessed live from the DMS and orders are instantly processed on the seller's DMS, debiting customer accounts and removing parts from inventory.

Virtual Inventory allows you to sell from a distribution partner's inventory to reduce lost sales.

Our license plate lookup tool translates state and plate to V.I.N number then uses our built-in V.I.N decoder to enter the application information. It is the most efficient and accurate way to look up replacement parts.

Includes a mobile friendly, secure site with parts ordering capability.

Network HQ manufacturer sponsored promotions are managed, fully funded and designed to drive product to the customer.

WebShop includes Automotive Distribution Network's exclusive Shop Supplies catalog. Managed by our content team, this catalog covers chemicals, commodities, supplies, tools, heavy duty parts and more. Our goal is for customers to find everything available for purchase on your WebShop site.

We have integrated Automotive Distribution Network's tools and equipment quarterly promotions website so customers can view and order tools on promotion online.

If you sell heavy duty products, we support Fleet Cross. It's available through Webshop now.

For those with a local delivery fleet we support Elite Extra delivery tracking. With Elite you can show your customers the status of their order and expected delivery time through Webshop.

WebShop B2C

Leverages your existing WebShop integration to manage real time stock check, pricing and ordering.

You're in control and can enable any or all the following options: local in-store pick up, ship to customer, and local customer delivery.

Unique faceted catalog with search engine optimized web pages included and maintained.

Consumer friendly catalog and look up features for application parts.

Template and custom sites are available.

Network brand, Network and custom URL's available.

Traffic from the national sites ( and is directed to the closest member's site for catalog lookup and to close the transaction.

Webshop - Search by Product Type

Webshop - Search by Product Type

Webshop - Search by Vehicle

Webshop - Search by Vehicle

Webshop - B2C

Webshop - B2C